Tuli Game Reserve Background & History

This land with its huge vistas, big skies and giant trees, welcomes you to a whole new adventure. Tuli introduces an abundance of elephants, large cats, vast herds of antelope and more than 350 species of birds. Where the present echoes with footsteps of the past, making it difficult to leave, and impelling to return. This is the Tuli Game Reserve!

History & Background of the Area

Find more information on the Northern Tuli wildlife conservation area

Tuli Game Reserve

Trans Frontier Conservation Area

Find more information on the formal establishment of the Trans Frontier Park

Tuli Game Reserve

Ecology & Wildlife of the Area

Find more information on the eastern edge of the Kalahari ecosystem

Tuli Game Reserve

What Makes Tuli Unique?

Find more information on mountain biking extravaganzas which takes place in Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa

Cycle Tours in Tuli Game Reserve

Game Drives

Find more information on the exciting wildlife, magnificent plants and enormous Mashatu trees

Tuli Game Drives

Bush Dinner

Find more information on the glamorous opportunity of enjoying a dinner out in the bush

Bush Dinners at Tuli Game Reserve